Dr Stephanie King, DC, FNP-C

Director of Services & Coordinator of Patient Care

Dr. Stephanie King is passionate about bringing her women’s care patients the highest level of personalized care through Integrative and Functional Medicine, whether their visit is focused around internal health and wellness or their outwardly aesthetic appearance.

A published author, educator, and speaker, training over 30 clinics nationwide, she has combined her expertise in hormonal balancing, diet education, weight reduction and management and integrative therapies to assist her patients in setting and taking strategic steps towards achieving their lifestyle and wellness goals using the most natural, safe, and effective methods available. Dr. King has spent 20 years in practice, developing specialized techniques for patients, a dedication to patient care that has led people who have failed to achieve results with other programs to seek her out from across the country.

Having lived the challenges associated with hormonal imbalance and weight fluctuations, she brings a level of empathy to her care model that allows her to empower her patients beyond the physical, working to reignite emotional and mental confidence in tandem with their physical transformations for a truly life-changing experience.

Knowing first-hand the pain and self-esteem issues that can arise from physical and aesthetic discomfort, she firmly believes that when we look good, we feel better, too — and while patients may struggle with health or aesthetic concerns due to genetic factors, consequences of lifestyle or weight management, she works tirelessly to deliver a customized solution that helps each patient achieve their personal health and aesthetic goals.  

Dr. King holds a doctorate degree in chiropractic, she is a Family Nurse Practitioner, she holds a membership to the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, is certified in Peptide Therapy from The Metabolic Medical Institute, in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy from Advanced Medical Academy, and in Integrative and Functional Medicine from Advanced Medical Academy. She’s also successfully completed certifications in Advanced IV Therapy for Functional Medicine, PRP therapies, Botox, and aesthetic fillers.

Her extensive training allows her patients to benefit from:

  • Disease Prevention and Wellness Promotion
  • Nutritional Counseling and Diet Management
  • Hormonal Testing and Balancing
  • Anti-Aging Treatments
  • Chronic Disease Reversal
  • Lifestyle Coaching

Dr, King is changing the face of healthcare and anti-aging. If you feel like you’ve “tried it all” and you’re still struggling to get results, you need to meet Dr. Stephanie King.

Updated Training Section to Include:

  • Nutrition and Diet Management
  • Functional Medicine
  • Bioidentical Hormone Therapies
  • Advanced IV Vitamin Therapy
  • Botox and Cosmetic Fillers
  • Peptide Therapies
  • Cosmetic Procedures
  • Weight Reduction and Management

Read her comprehensive guide in her latest book to restored health, where Dr. King breaks down the basics of hormone dysregulation and provides a step-by-step path to gain your ultimate health using natural methods and functional medicine in “IS IT ME OR IS IT HOT IN HERE?